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Activities near The Altnacealgach Motel

Fishing, Walking, Caving, NC500 and Water Activities

There is an abundance of things to keep you busy near the Altnacealgach Motel. The Assynt Area has a range of activities to keep you busy during your stay, some of the main ones are mentioned below. If you need information about other interests or activities – give us a call or drop us an email.


The Assynt area of the North-West Highlands is acclaimed for its fishing.

Loch Borralan, which is on our doorstep, is prolifically populated with Wild Brown Trout and Arctic Char. Both bank fishing (included in your stay) and boat fishing (boats and safety equipment can be hired from our Inn next door) is available, by fly and spinner.

Loch Borralan is one of the few places in Scotland where you can fish for Arctic Char, which is one of the rarest fish species in Britain and is mainly found in deep, cold water, glacial lakes.

Come and stay with us, fish Loch Borralan and see if you can catch one of these beauties.

Fishing Scottish Highlands - Altnacealgach Motel

North Coast 500 - NC500

There is nothing like the freedom of the open road.

Fantastic roads, wide meandering country tracks and beautiful bends through some of Scotland’s most amazing coastal scenery, are some of the things you will experience along the route of the NC500 – Scotland’s answer to Route 66. It was ranked in the ‘Top 5 Coastal Routes in the World’ in Now Travel Magazine!

Taking in many of the areas of the North Highland Way, a walking route along Scotland’s North coast, 516 miles of the most amazing roads and stunning scenery in Scotland await you! The route naturally follows the roads across the coastal edges of the North Highlands taking in the villages and towns of places such as Ullapool, Durness, John O’Groats, Dornoch and Inverness.

For those of you who prefer pedal power, the NC500 is also considered a challenge for endurance cyclists. The current world record for completing the route stands at an amazing 31 hours and 23 minutes!

The route passes within a mile of the Altnacealgach Motel where it passes through Ledmore on the west coast – making us a perfect location for you to stay overnight. We are bike friendly – in fact owner Craig has done the route many times and can point out points of interest and offer ideas for your journey (if you want!). After a thrilling day of riding, relax and take in the views of Loch Borralan and the surrounding hills and mountains.

North Coast 500 Scottish Highlands - Altnacealgach Motel


The Altnacealgach Motel lies in the beautiful area of Assynt. The Assynt Hills are reported to be the oldest in Britain and contain some of the great mountains of the north, such as Suilven, Canisp and Quinag. Ben More Assynt and Conival are our two local Munros – is it time you got bagging?

The Altnacealgach Motel is right in the middle of a walker’s paradise, come and stay with us while you explore the region.

Hill Walking Scottish Highlands - Altnacealgach Motel


Assynt is the best caving region in Scotland, with three of the caves having over 1km of passage – with the longest being over 2km!

There are several clubs in the area who can help you, whether you are a novice or are more experienced.

Although not strictly caving, we also have the Bone Caves local to the Altnacealgach Motel – a series of natural caves set into a high limestone cliff called Creag nan Uamh (Crag of the Caves). Named for the large number of animal bones found during excavations, there are four main cave openings in the cliff which can be relatively easily accessed. The location of the caves is superb, in a secluded glen seemingly a million miles from anywhere! The Bone Caves have been named as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and are part of the North West Highlands Geo Park.

Caving Scottish Highlands - Altnacealgach Motel

Water Activities

The Assynt coastline is a fantastic playground for those who enjoy water-based activities. The area offers yachting, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, diving, water-skiing and for the hardy amongst us – swimming! We have some of the cleanest beaches in Britain and the water is beautifully clear year-round.

For anglers wishing to fish offshore, boats can be chartered from operators in Lochinver or Ullapool.

If you would just like to relax and take a walk along the coast, we have white sandy beaches within easy reach of the Altnacealgach Motel. Take in the views and the fresh air!